Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Hartung

Foto Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Hartung

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Frank Hartung

Fachbereich 5 - Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Institute - European Center for Sustainable Mobility (ECSM)
Senat und Kommissionen - Senat


Prodekan für Finanzen


Eupener Str. 70
Raum H108
52066 Aachen


bevorzugt per WebEx/Telefon, kurzfristig nach Absprache

For International Students

Welcome! Prof. Hartung is the student exchange coordinator of FB5, the department of electrical engineering and information technology. International students who are interested in spending an academic semester or year as an exchange student in Germany at FB5 of FH Aachen are welcome to get in contact. We always offer a sufficient number of English language courses that incoming students may choose from. A list is available - please send an email.