The timetable and classroom location for WS 2021/22 can be found here.

Information regarding subscription to lab exercises can be found here for the summer and winter term

Information Transmission (AÜT/DÜT)

Semester: 4 (Analog Inf. Tr., AÜT) resp. 5 (Digital Inf. Tr., DÜT), Bachelor

Analog an digital parts can be selected independently although it's recommended to hear AÜT first.

Analog: signals & systems, transmission media, noise, signal distortion, analog modulation schemes, transmitters and receivers, information theory, source coding

Digital: digitising analog source signals, PCM, digital baseband transmission, PAM, optimum filter, synchronisation, channel equalisation, digital modulation schemes, bit error rate, eye diagrams

Script, Textbook, Lab

Mobile Radio Communications

Semester: 1 (Master, summer term)

mobile propagation channel, fading, delay spread, doppler spectrum, diversity, cellular network design, cochannel- and adjacent channel interference, radio network planning, spectral efficiency, channel assignment schemes, modulation schemes, channel equalisation, error control schemes, source and channel coding, multiple access schemes, GSM: system architecture, information transmission, mobility management, encryption and authentication, ...; cordless telephones, satellite radio, paging systemes, trunked radio, UMTS: spread spectrum technique, CDMA, log. uand physical channels, coding, network design, LTE,...; WLANs ; car-2-X

Script, Textbook 1, Textbook 2, Textbook 3, Lab

Telecommunications Networks

Semester: 2 (Master, winter term)

networks, services, protocols, switching technology, queueing theory, wide area networks, PSTN, ISDN, ATM, PDH, SDH, network access techniques, xDSL, power line communications


Satellite Communications

Semester: 1/2 (Master, summer or winter term)

Keplerian orbits and their calculation, perturbations, satellite radio channel, link budget, availableness, antennas, antenna orientation, multiple access, synchronisation, satellite networks and network operators


Wireless Transmission

Semester: 4 (Bachelor NT, elective)



Adaptive Communications

Semester: 1/2 (Master NT, elective)