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All students must re-register for each semester, i.e. apply to continue their studies. The re-registration must take place during the re-registration deadlines set by the FH Aachen. The re-registration takes place automatically every semester by paying the respective semester fee.

Re-Registration Deadlines

The following re-registration deadlines apply at FH Aachen:

  • for a summer semester: 28 February
  • for a winter semester: 31 August

The semester fee must be received by FH Aachen by the end of the re-registration period.

If the semester fee is not transferred by the respective re-registration deadline, FH Aachen will automatically deregister the student.

Re-Registration Block

If you have received a re-registration block, this means that you cannot re-register for the next semester for the time being. You can view the re-registration block in the FH Aachen portal (Student Services > My Status).

There can be different reasons for a re-registration block. Here is an overview of the most common reasons for a re-registration block:

  • Missing health insurance certificate/late payment of health insurance contributions
  • Lack of choice of specialisation/field of study
  • Missing practical training certificate
  • Other missing documents

You must remove the reason for the re-registration block by the end of the re-registration period by submitting the required documents and proofs and certificates in due form and time. If the re-registration block could not be lifted by the beginning of the semester, the deregistration will take place.


If you deregister before the official start of lectures, you will receive a full refund of the semester fee. To do so, submit the application for reimbursement of the semester fee online via the Student Services on the FH Aachen portal.

If you deregister after the official start of lectures, the costs for the semester ticket may be refunded proportionally. The AStA of the FH Aachen is responsible for this. You can find a short description of the procedure and the corresponding application on the homepage of the AStA. If you have further questions, please contact the AStA directly:

AStA FH Aachen

+49 241 6009 52807


On this website you can find a schedule for the current semester.


If you would like to continue your studies at FH Aachen in the following semester as a minor or major cross-registration student, you must re-register for cross-registration at the Registrar's Office within the re-registration deadlines.

For re-registration, please submit the following documents by email to the Registrar's Office:

  • a registration certificate (for the semester for which re-registration is requested) from the university at which you are registered as a first-time student
  • the last Zweithörerbescheinigung (certificate of enrolment for a second semester) from FH Aachen
  • if you re-register for a minor cross-registration, proof that you have paid the fee for the minor cross-registration.

Cross-registered students who have not re-registered within the re-registration deadlines can no longer continue their studies in the following semester.

Payment Details and Bank Account

Re-registration information with deadlines and payment instructions will be sent to your FH email address before re-registration begins.

The semester fee for the summer semester 2024 is 310.34€.

Please enter your student ID number without spaces as the purpose of payment.

Recipient: FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
IBAN: DE81 39050000 0000060236
Bank: Sparkasse Aachen

Receipt of Payment and Registration Certificates

The booking of the payment takes place at the earliest on the next working day, also in the case of real-time transfers, and is carried out once a day in the morning on working days.

FH Aachen does not send confirmations of receipt of payment. After re-registration you will receive an automatic email as confirmation of re-registration.

Immediately after the payment has been posted and you have re-registered, you can download your current registration certificate from the FH Aachen portal in the section Student Service.

You can also check your semester fee status at any time in the FH Aachen-Portal via Student Services, where all payment details are also stored.

Last Exam

If you finish your studies in the current semester, you do not have to re-register. The decisive factor here is that the final thesis (incl. colloquium) is submitted or the last examination achievements are taken in the semester in question.

Re-registration for the summer semester:

  • The final thesis (incl. colloquium) or the last examination is handed in or taken on 28 February or earlier. No re-registration for the summer semester is required.
  • The final thesis (incl. colloquium) or final examination is handed in or taken on 1 March or later: re-registration for the summer semester is required. This also applies if only the colloquium falls in the new semester.

Re-registration for the winter semester:

  • The final thesis (incl. colloquium) or final examination is handed in or taken on 31 August or earlier. No re-registration for the winter semester is required.
  • The final thesis (incl. colloquium) or last examination is handed in or taken on 1 September or later: re-registration for the winter semester is required. This also applies if only the colloquium falls in the new semester.

If, contrary to expectations, you do not pass the last examination achievements and the repeat examination is not until the next semester, you can re-register.

I missed the deadline for transferring the semester fee, will I be deregistered now?

If you wish to re-register, please transfer the semester fee immediately - if you have not already done so.

The Registrar's Office will decide about your re-registration after receiving your semester fee.

Once re-registration has taken place, you can view your payments in the FH Aachen portal via the Student Services.

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