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Semester Fee

The semester fee (social contribution and student activity fee) must be paid by the students every semester.

The semester fee for the summer semester 2024 is 310,34€. The amount of the fee is reset from semester to semester.

This Is how the Semester Fee Is Made Up:

The Social Contribution

The social contribution (for the summer semester 2024: 108,00€) is available to the Studierendenwerk Aachen. This contribution is used to co-finance social services such as affordable housing (e.g. student halls of residence), childcare, special prices in dining halls and cafés, and is offered to all students (Studierendenwerk contribution regulations).

The Student Body Contribution

The student body contribution (for the summer semester 2024: 202,34€) goes to the Students' Union Executive Committee (AStA) of the FH Aachen. This includes the amount for the semester ticket for public transport.

You can read about the individual items of the student body fee in the student body fee regulations.

The Semester Fee at a Glance

The social contribution and student activity fee was as follows in the

  • Summer semester 2024: 310,34€
  • Winter semester 2023/24: €324,96
  • Summer semester 2023: 324,62€
  • Winter semester 2022/23: 318,73€
  • Summer semester 2022: 312,88€
  • Winter semester 2021/22: 306,83€
  • Summer semester 2021: 306,83€
  • Winter semester 2020/21: 305,23€
  • Summer semester 2020: 300,23€
  • Winter semester 2019/20: 293,76€

Reimbursement of the Contribution

Do you have a reason for a refund of the semester contribution or the social contribution?

You can apply for a refund yourself online in the FH Aachen portal (Home > My studies > Student services > Applications > Reimbursement of fees). Enter the required data and click on submit application. The money will be transferred to your account after the application has been checked.


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