Finding Accomodation

Aachen is one of the most popular student cities in Germany. Besides the excellent degree programmes, students also appreciate the relatively low living expenses. Even in the best location, right next to university, you will find affordable student rooms. The living expenses in Aachen are about 900 EUR a month. A break-up of the monthly costs can be approximated as below: 

  • Health insurance: around 100 EUR
  • Study materials, books: around 40 EUR 
  • Accommodation: around 300 - 400 EUR (basic accommodation outside the residence halls)
  • Food, clothes and other essentials: around 250 EUR 

But, of course, the monthly expenses depend on you and your personal needs.

Still, a lot of students will be looking for accommodation at the same time. The Student Support Service has a small contingent of rooms that you can apply for. We will inform you in advance on when the application period starts. Please note, when you rent a room from the Studierendenwerk, you cannot move in earlier than March, 1st for the summer term and September, 1st for the winter term.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you look for a room yourself:

Private flat share 

Many students decide to share a flat with fellow students, this is called a “WG” in German (= Wohngemeinschaft). These rooms are only furnished if it says "möbliert" (furnished) or "teilmöbliert“ (partially furnished). Here are some helpful links where you can search for a room in a “WG” yourself: 

Private flat

There are many options for students to rent a small flat in Aachen. In contrast to some other countries, private flats in Germany are usually let without furniture (= unmöbliert), which means that students need to bring their own furniture. These are the most common websites: 

Searching the real estate classifieds (=Immobilien) in the local newspaper is a very good option as well. The two local newspapers are "Aachener Zeitung" and "Aachener Nachrichten", their online real estate classifieds can be found here.

Temporary housing

If you need short-term housing in Aachen upon your arrival you can book a room at one of the youth hostels in Aachen:

  • Hostel Aachen: Mauerstraße 116, 52064 Aachen. Tel: +49 (0) 241-4305288
  • A&O Hostel Aachen: Hackländerstraße 5, 52064 Aachen. Tel: +49 (0)241 46 307 3300 

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