3D Printing Summer School

3D Printing is about to revolve the way we design and make products. Therefore it is essential for those technically interested in this field to understand the capability, the challenges and the drawbacks of this technology. While this technology marks a hype even in private areas like journals and television it is barely taught in engineering education.

Our summer school provides a comprehensive, theoretical approach to 3D technology combined with hands-on experience.

After one week of delving into the 3D printing topic, you will be able to

  • build your own 3D printer
  • start printing your own portfolio and prototypes,
  • know how to handle the data-chain for printer operation,
  • understand the special challenges of different model types, and
  • obtain reproducible parts.

Our summer school is presented in a relaxed atmosphere where the instructors

  • are always available to answer questions
  • motivate participants to get involved
  • give feedback
  • make sure that’s there is also fun and action.

The students are welcome to bring along a project of their own to be solved during the summer school.

After having completed your 3D Printing Summer School, you will receive a FH Aachen Certificate in 3D Printing.

Materialize your own ideas - if you can image it - you can print it!

Next 3D Printing Summer School: July/August 2022

The ongoing pandemic creates continued uncertainty, not only about travel regulations, but also about the possibility to carry out the 3D Printing Summer School as usual as event requiring personal attendance.

We cannot offer a fixed date for the next 3D Printing Summer School yet. If the pandemic situation will be over, the Summer School will run over two weeks in July/August in 2022. If you are interested to join us, please check this website regularly for updates.

The next 3D Printing Summer School is located at:

FH Aachen – University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
GoetheLab for Additive Manufacturing
Goethestr. 1 in 52064 Aachen, Germany

The course is taught in English. If you want to get an overview on our 3D Printing program for 2019, please download our 3D Printing flyer.

Please refer also the DAAD homepage (German Academic Exchange Service):

There is a mistake on the DAAD website: Unfortunately, we cannot offer accommodations as mentioned there. Please refer to the section "Accommodation and Food" below on this site here for more information.


Here is the preliminary program for our 3D Printing Summer School in 2022:

3rd August, Monday

  • Registration
  • Fabber-Show
  • Workshop | Build your own 3D printer
  • Barbecue

4th August, Tuesday

  • Tutorial | Additive Manufacturing – From 3D Printing to the factory floor
  • Workshop | Build your own printer

5th August, Wednesday

  • Tutorial | Software for Additive Manufacturing: Firm and host ware
  • Workshop | Pimp your printer

6th August, Thursday

  • Tutorial | AM-Design and CAD – Create your own part
  • Workshop | Print your own Design

7th August, Friday

  • Trip to Belgium – Brussels with a company visit

8th August, Saturday

  • Free hacking and printing
  • Final competition
  • Farewell Barbecue

Additionally, we offer sightseeing and evening activities during the week to explore Aachen and surroundings. Please download our 2019 3D Printing flyer for a better printout version.
If you want to get an idea about what we have done in previous 3D Printing Summer Schools, please refer also to the section "3D Printing Summer Schools - A look back" below.


Required Skills:
Applicants must have a basic knowledge of manufacturing techniques and at least one CAD-Modelling Language such as Autodesk Inventor or NX.

Language Skills:
Participants should have a good proficiency in English as the 3D Printing Summer School is held completely in English.

The Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH Aachen) requires that the 3D Printing Summer School participants have appropriate and valid medical, liability and accident insurance for the duration of the 3D Printing Summer School. Please note that the FH Aachen does not cover any of these risks.

German data privacy law/Internet & Social Media:

According to German data privacy laws, you must agree to the following statement before we can post your picture, even in a group photo, on the internet.
“I agree that my picture can be published by FH Aachen on the following web page: http://www.fh-aachen.de/fachbereiche/maschinenbau-und-mechatronik/

“I agree that my picture can be published by FH Aachen on the following Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FH-Aachen-Fachbereich-Maschinenbau-und-Mechatronik/189305797902868

Registration Fee

Participation / Registration Fee

The 3D Printing Summer School registration fee is 600 Euro and includes beverages during the course at the FH Aachen and the social program (excursions included). Accommodation and catering costs are not included in the registration fee, please refer to the section Accommodation and Food for more information.

If after registering you are unable to attend the summer school, or if you cancel your registration, you may request a refund of your registration fee. You need to send us a written request via email.

Please be aware that payment can be made by bank transfer only. All payments are in EURO. For any bank transfer made from outside the Euro zone, please be aware of bank service charges. All bank charges for remittances are to be borne by the participant!

Payments can be made online via a link that we'll publish here on this webpage soon (in the middle of May 2020 at the latest).

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation and catering costs are not included in the participation fee. The registration fee includes only beverages during the course at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

As all applicants wishing to attend the summer school have to find housing on their own, please find below some useful links:

Apply for the next 3D Printing Summer School

We are very sorry, due to the current uncertain pandemic situation, registration is not possible at the moment. Please check this website regularly for updates.

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