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Aerospace Engineering

Which answers does aviation have to climate change and the requirements of industry and economy? Achievements in our subject area Aeronautical Engineering attract a lot of attention . I  Subject area Aeronautical Engineering

Our system engineers have an in-depth understanding of highly complex systems gathered through research and own developments. This is a key set of skills for challenges in industry and research. 

The fascination with vehicles doesn´t contradict the possibilities of mobility in the future. Solutions lie in the combination of fields of expertise based on vehicles and power trains.  Subject area Automotive Engineering

Top offer for orientation: The Zero Semester is starting

We have an ideal offer for all those who are interested in studying mechanical engineering and mechatronics or aerospace engineering at the FH Aachen and/or the RWTH:

From 30.03.21 until the end of June, we offer a one-semester study orientation in the "Zero Semester". As a participant, you can attend teaching and orientation events, exchange ideas with students and even write exams. The application is now possible until 15.03.21 or for high school graduates until 16.04.21. Details are to be found on the related website.

Interested in our Master´s Degree Programmes?

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Welcome ...

... to the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences - which, in addition to courses of studies in aerospace engineering and the dual course of studies in flight operations engineering with commercial pilot training, also houses the course of studies in vehicle and propulsion engineering.  This enables us to exploit synergies across methods and materials.

We offer our students excellent professional qualification with plenty of room for personal development:

  • individual study support in a family atmosphere
  • unique student involvement in research and development projects
  • practical experience in our own aircraft and laboratories
  • attractive possibilities to obtain dual degrees,  masters´degrees or PhDs

Get off to a flying start with us - we look forward to meeting you!