Why does an aeroplane fly? What innovative materials will future aeroplanes be made of? How can an engine become less noisy? What makes flight vehicles safer and more reliable? How do satellites change their orbit and which engines make this possible, or how can satellites help the world climate?

In close cooperation with powerful partners from industry and commerce, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the FH Aachen is developing the future of mobility - whether it is on the road, in the air, or in the vastness of outer space.

In addition to the Aerospace Engineering degree programmes, the faculty also houses Automotive Engineering degree programmes. These combine competent fundamentals and expert knowledge with distinct practical relevance. You decide which branch of study you would like to specialise in. Numerous choices enable you to individualise your course of study according to your interests.

International like the aviation industry: Use our international contacts and industrial cooperations for your semester abroad and practical trainings - all over the world.

Aim high and take off with us - the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is looking forward to meeting you!