Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor
  • Master

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Business Studies | B.Sc.
The allrounder

Business Law | LL.B.
Two fields - one expertise

International Business Studies | B.Sc.
Studying without frontiers

Business Studies (dual) | B.Sc.
Study + Apprenticeship/Occupation

Engineering Management | B.Sc.
Study interdisciplinary

Global Business and Economics | B.Sc.
100 percent English

European Business Studies | B.Sc.
Enrolment last time for winter term 2018/19

Business Law (dual) | LL.B.
Study + Occupation

Business Information Systems | B.Sc.
Study interdisciplinary

Studying and gaining qualified professional experience at the same time is possible with our dual degree programmes.  | Continue reading

Master Degree Programmes

MBA Programme

OpenBordersMBA |
Master of Business Administration

The Euregional OpenBordersMBA is offered at HEC-Ulg Liège in co-operation with FH Aachen and the University of Hasselt.